Monday 24. Jun 2018 (Hamburg)
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In the name of Allah, the All-beneficent, the All-merciful.   All praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds. May Allah’s blessings and salutations be to the supreme and...[details]

One-day meeting of Imams of Mosques and Islamic centers at the Islamic Centre Hamburg

  The Imam and President of the Islamic Centre Hamburg started the meeting with introducing words and thanked the Islamic scholars sincerely for their participation. As main functions of...[details]

New release

The book ‘The excellence of Friday’ by Hojjat al Islam Dr. S.M.N. Taghavi, who is the deputy head of IZH, has been recently published. İt s available on German, Arabic, Persian and...[details]

New releases

The volumes 2 and 3 of the series of ‘IZH juvenile books’ has been released. This series’s aim is to make young Muslims as well as non-Muslims get acquainted with grund ethic...[details]

New issue of magazine ‘Al Fajr’

  The new issue of magazine Al Fajr with the main theme ‘İslam and art’ has been released. Besides, the magazine ‘Salam’  for adoloscents and children is...[details]

New release : ‘The characteristics of the true believer’

‘The characteristics of the true believer’ Selected quotes of İmam Ali. On German, English and Persian.     16 pages, coloured, € 1, plus...[details]

New release: ‘The Hegira to Abyssinia’

  The first book of  the series of ‘IZH juvenile books’ has been released. ‘The Hegira to Abyssinia’ narrates the first emigration of Muslims. 24 pages,...[details]

Youth days at IZH – Theme: ‘Divine justice’

  From 26 to 28december a three-day youth days took place initiated by IZH’s youth group of ‘Fine view’. The event was very successful; 300 people from all over Germany...[details]
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     The Islamic Centre of Hamburg wishes all Muslims God's blessing and assistance on the occasion of beginning of the Islamic new year and condoles Muslims on the occasion of...[details]

Christian and Muslim students got together to discuss different subjects to come to a better mutual understanding.

Christian-Muslim study group Christians and Muslims who see themselves responsible towards their Creator are two outstanding communities. That sense of responsibility makes us unite although...[details]