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Christian and Muslim students got together to discuss different subjects to come to a better mutual understanding.

Christian-Muslim study group

Christians and Muslims who see themselves responsible towards their Creator are two outstanding communities. That sense of responsibility makes us unite although there are many misunderstandings and those who want to make mischief between us. Both religions don t allow their supporters to be hostile one another and furthermore lead them to establish contact with each other in the best way.

In this sense, the Christian-Islamic study group meets alternately in Hannover and Hamburg for years.

Christian- Muslim study group got together in Islamic Centre Hamburg in Alster on November 11, 2008.

The subject of conversation was: A word in common between us. And an open letter from 138 Muslim scholars to the leaders of Christianity.

The talks were opened with addresses given by Muslim scholars and came to end with addresses of Christian ones.

The main subjects of the exchange were the terms of ‘love and reason’. It is well known that a term can often be interpreted in different ways. In this case, what was discussed were love of God associated with concepts of piety and devotion.
In fact, in every religion there are discussions over reason. What important is to take into consideration social problems and to discuss in fair manner.

The essence of the discussions and suggestions appeared that there is need to keep dialogue to promote mutual understanding. Also, it was reminded the Vatican’s reply to the letter of the 138 Muslim scholars:
‘Without ignoring our differences as Christians and Muslims, we should focus on what unites us, namely our belief in one God who is creator, sustainer of existence and ruler of the universe. He is going to judge all people on what they did and treat them according to their deeds at the end of time. We are all called for his service and his holy wills to obey.

The next meeting is scheduled for the 02 June 2009 in Hannover.