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home :: News :: 02.09.2009 - New issue of magazine ‘Al Fajr’
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New issue of magazine ‘Al Fajr’

The new issue of magazine Al Fajr with the main theme ‘İslam and art’ has been released. Besides, the magazine ‘Salam’  for adoloscents and children is available.

Al Fajr (Dawn) No. 134

İts content:

The formation of İslamic arts

M.R. Rikhtegaran:
The spirit of religious art

J. von Hammer-Purgstall:
From the creation of the world to seal of Prophet

M. Khazaie:
The development of book art in the Islamic Art

S. A. Hosseini Ghaemmaghami:
The true meaning of jihad (Part 1)
S. M. N. Taghavi:
Woman and man from the perspective of the Qur'an
Z. Khamehi:
Art in Islam: Synthesis of clarity and complexity
N. Gemici:
Mevlana Rumi’s worldviews in the context of modern world.
Furthermore, there are some other  themes such as:
  •   Explanation of Qur’an verses
  •   News from Europan Muslims
  •  Reports on activities of the Hamburg Islamic Center
  •   Presentation of new publications
Salam No. 134
In the new issue of magazine ‘Salam’ (for children and adoloscents) there are themes following:

  • The Miracle of Creation
  • Guide for reading Qur’an
  • Together we are strong (An instructive story about the values of unity and solidarity)