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One-day meeting of Imams of Mosques and Islamic centers at the Islamic Centre Hamburg

The Imam and President of the Islamic Centre Hamburg started the meeting with introducing words and thanked the Islamic scholars sincerely for their participation.
As main functions of Islamic centers the Imam mentioned:
1.      The Protection of religiousness
2.      The unity of all Muslims
3.      The explanation of pure Islam
1.      Different reasons induce Muslims to immigrate to western countries. Actually many Islamic families live in those countries in the second or third generation as peer citizens. These Muslims are the real addressees of the Islam in Europe. Religiousness only contains one truth. That truth has always been connected with the development of human history, which can be seen as a step to perfection. For Muslims, Islam is the last revelation of Allah (swt) as a mercy to all people. Therefore the delivery and right understanding of Islam is a duty of scholars in relation to Muslims living in Europe. The real needs of people, the rational understanding of religion, its image and expectations, must be presented authentically to Muslims living in Europe. Religion should be present in the life of a Muslim and not be understood as a periphery matter. Therefore the circumstances of lifetime of the respective generation must be considered. These circumstances are crucial for any consensus regarding the Islamic concept of justice. Religious life implies the endeavor for justice and knowledge. Considering the variety of topics and problems, we should use what we’ve learned in university, to be able to answer the questions of Muslims living in Europe.

2.      Mutual acquaintance and cooperation will strengthen the unity and harmony of Shiite centers and all other Muslims.

3.      To invite people to Islam is not a main task of Muslim scholars, but it is our duty, to present Islam in terms of its spirituality, justice, liberty and safety. To be able to present the true face of Islam to the world public, e. g. its rationality and logic, we should dispel doubts and cope with superstition.
At the end of the one-day meeting, the president of the Islamic Centre Hamburg summarized the results as follows:

The scholars of Islam are mediators between the religious authority and the people, and their efforts are indubitably of religious and cultural nature. The Islamic Centre Hamburg offers its assistance to all Shiite centers in Germany. Various topics have been addresses briefly, and some of them should be discussed elaborately, while others went beyond the scope of the discussion.
In respect to the timetable for prayers, the Imam of the Islamic Centre explained that this is still at work in progress and the results will be presented in near future.

Another important topic has been the assignment of the Eid-ul-Fitr (the festival of feast-breaking at the end of Ramadan). In this respect too, the harmony between the centers will be intensified in future, and the Islamic Centre Hamburg will step up its efforts in this regard. It’s most important, to enlighten Muslims about Islam and to admonish them to the Islamic prescriptions. We shouldn’t take a passive stance with regard to the prescriptions and the Islamic law, but we should develop the convictions by repeating and teaching for example in regard to the prayer times and the date of Eid-ul-Fitr, and in this way we may advance the integration of Islam in Muslim societies in Europe. We don’t doubt that Allah (swt) will bless those, who engage in the explanation of Islam.