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home :: News :: 01.15.2009 - Youth days at IZH – Theme: ‘Divine justice’
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Youth days at IZH – Theme: ‘Divine justice’

From 26 to 28december a three-day youth days took place initiated by IZH’s youth group of ‘Fine view’.

The event was very successful; 300 people from all over Germany took part in the event from different Islamic doctrines as well as non Muslim participants.

The event program consisted of short lectures, recitations, answering religious issues, common invocations etc. The event’s aim was to share our knowledge mutually.

In the evening an high quality exam was held in order to determine knowledge and skills of young people on various subjects such as Qur’an, Sunnah, different questions about Islam and presentations given. The second day a leisure trip was organized for participants. The group ‘Fine view’ guided them in Hamburg.

The enthusiasm and curiosity of young people continued even in their leisure time so that the constructive exchange of views among them was continued.

While visiting Imam Ali Mosque, the young people showed admiration to its outstanding library very much.

The youth meetings are organized once or twice a year at IZH.